daudio 0.3

Daudio is a set of programs to have fully syncronized, distributed mp3 audio over a local network.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Evan Buswell
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Daudio is a set of programs to have fully syncronized, distributed mp3 audio over a local network. Now you can have all your computers playing mp3s at once!

One must first install a kernel patched with the lowlatency and utime patches, located in lowlat-utime/

This is necessary for the server to have resonable timing resolution.

There are three components to the daudio system: the client, the server, and the provider (streamer). The client is used to play incoming data from any server. The provider sends mp3 data to the server, and the server times and sends out the mp3 data.

To compile and install these programs, cd to the appropriate directory, edit the Makefile (or accept the defaults), and type "make" followed by "make install".

To start the server, simply type "daudiod" at the command prompt.The server accepts no arguments.

To start the client, type "daudioc hostname".

To start streaming data to the local server, type "dstreamer [-z] file.mp3 [file2.mp3 ...]". Where "-z" randomizes the songs. dstreamer is meant to function like a very simple mpg123.

By default, daudioc & daudiod are installed without SUID. If you're brave, you may get slightly better performance by setting them SUID to root. This will cause the critical timing threads to get realtime priority. This is highly dangerous, as a thread with realtime
priority will not be preempted and must yield. If there are any bugs in the code, they could be exploited in a DOS attack.

What's New in This Release:

client/Makefile, doc/COPYING, doc/README, lowlat-utime/README, server/Makefile, server/bcast.c, server/data.c, server/local.c, server/main.c, server/timer.c, streamer/streamer.c: Put somefinishing touches on documentation and stuff.

Last updated on July 26th, 2006

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