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butt is a Linux tool that grabs audio data from your sound card.




butt stands for broadcast using this tool and is a Linux tool that grabs audio data from your sound card (line-in, CD, wave, etc.), encodes the PCM data into MP3, and sends it to a streaming server (only Shoutcast is currently supported).


You can change the audio settings (bitrate, channels) while you are streaming.

Cause butt isn't a multithreaded application, the selection
of a new bitrate shouldn't take more than a few secs.

Otherwise the server may disconnect you, because it doesn't receive any data while you are looking for a new bitrate.


Since version 0.1.1 butt is able to record and stream simultaneously - in diffrent bitrates.

For example you can stream with 96kbit and record with 192kbit.

What's New in This Release:

ˇ dB values were added to the vu-meter.
ˇ The network backend uses non-blocking sockets.
ˇ This prevents butt from hanging when unexpected network errors occur.
ˇ The songname can be updated from a textfile.
ˇ Support for more samplerates has been added.
ˇ A crash when connecting to icecacst server on Mac OS 10.4 has been fixed.
ˇ A crash when changing the server type from shoutcast to icecast has been fixed.
ˇ Samplerate selection problems have been fixed.
Last updated on October 15th, 2011

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