arbeat 0.2

arbeat is a console tool to add BPM tags to mp3 files.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.6/5 16
Aaron VonderHaar
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
arbeat is a console tool to add BPM tags to mp3 files. If mpg321 is installed, the song can be played in the background while the user taps the keyboard to determine the tempo.

The ID3v2 mp3 tag standard defined the "TBPM" tag which allows mp3 audio files to be tagged with the music's tempo (beats per minute) to allow software to filter and sort music by tempo and to allow users to more easily identify their music. However, to make use of these features, the ability to determine tempos and record tempo tags for a large collections of audio files is necessary. Currently existing tools do not completely provide this ability: programs that determine tempo often do not allow that ability to save the tempo information, or save it only in an application-specific database; programs that are able to save tempo tags commonly ignore the simple feature of allowing the user to specify or tap out the tempo instead focusing on complicated features such as beat mixing or automated tempo analysis. Also, and many of these tools are Windows-only or are integrated with a specific music manager or playlist application.

Here are some key features of "arbeat":

Provide a lightweight tool that makes it easy to play back, determine the tempo of, and record the tempo tag for a given audio file.
Make it easy to process a large number of audio files in the manner stated above.
Assist in tagging audio files with tempo tags given an existing database or file containing tempo information for those files.
Provide the above without requiring a specific graphical environment.

What's New in This Release:

Added moodbar support. The data is scaled to 200 samples to total 600 bytes. For ID3v2 tags, the data is stored in a GEOB frame with the description 'moodbar' and mime type 'image/x-moodbar-rgb'. For vorbis tags, the data is stored base64 encoded as the value of 'MOODBAR'. (Bug 1525682)
GNU autotools now used.
Taglib is now used instead of id3lib, so 2.4 tags are now supported, but all tags are rewritten as 2.4. (Bug 1519070, obsoletes Bug 1519068)
Ogg Vorbis files are now supported. (Bug 1515281)
Added --no-bpm and --no-moodbar. (Bug 1525075)
Added --silent to suppress audio playback.
Added --force to overwrite existing tags. (Bug 1515280)
Added --help. (Bug 1515285)
Can handle multiple files on the command line. (Bug 1515286)
Adds error checking. (Bug 1515284)

Last updated on January 30th, 2008

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