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BPM calculator for Amarok





bpm calc 4 amarok is an Amarok script that offers a BPM calculator.

How to use it:

Open a shell window, type "bpmcalc4amarok.gambas" and hit enter to see help. Add parameters as expected to process.

Detecting the BPM's (beat per minute) from amaroks song database.

Because the amarok script bpmcalc is not working on my computer and it is handy for me to calculate the bpm at ones, I have wrote this application.

The application is using the amarok database, but only mySQL.

The bpm is calculated with the tool soundstretch and the resulting bpm go written back into the database.

To finding the bpm's, there are two parameters for the analysis: the starting point and length, both in second.

Not discovered bpm's are serialized with -9 and they can later be re-analyzed repeatedly with diffrent parameters.

There are 4 scan methods (based on the information in amarok mySQL database):

- songs in which the bpm was not found. these are the songs previously serialized with -9. I discover that changing startpoint and lenght can detect many of them.
- songs in which the bpm is outside of a range. bmp below 50 and bpm above 200 seem suspicious to me. it is possible to "correct" them with some parameters.
- repeating the bpm detection process for all songs
- the default is to process only song without bpm information.

Many parameters are avaiable to control. A in-depth description of the opportunities come maybe later. Here the applications help text:

ouput to logfile
sql login:
--l=host address (default=localhost)
--t=port number (default=3306)
bpm detection specific, optional:
--k=skip seconds, default=0 (point at start bpm analyzing)
--g=read seconds, default=60 (bpm analyzing)
song selection, optional (sql select limit):
--b=start at row (default=0)
--m=max rows to read (default=all)
song scan options, optional. no parameter is default=only undedected songs:
--f full rescan of all songs
--r rescan failed bpm detection
--j out of range bpm scan (see x,y and a,z)
bpm range accept, defaults=all (recomended: min=50, max=200
--x=min bpm;
--y=max bpm
--i round detected bpm
bpm "correction" when less(x) or bigger(y), optional:
--a=multiplier (a*bpm= corrected bpm
--z=divider (bpm/z= corrected bpm
other options, optional:
--v verbose information
--h this help
Last updated on February 13th, 2009

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