Scrooglyrics 0.11

Scrooglyrics is an Amarok script to download song lyrics from Scroogle.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Scrooglyrics is an Amarok script to download song lyrics from Scroogle.


I've been annoyed by the low yield on some of my more obscure music with many of the Amarok lyric search scripts available. I'd used a program waaay back when in my windows days called EvilLyrics, they had an interesting idea, Google for the lyrics then rip them off known websites. Well, I decided this is what Amarok needed! After a quick day of scripting, here's the result: a true lyrics metasearch script. Since google's SOAP API is crap (now doesn't allow you to register keys and returns dramatically different results to web search), I decided I'd scrape.

Since Scroogle had a cleaner markup, I decided it'd be even better to scrape then just Google (and the paranoid might like me more or something). Anyways, the script searches Scroogle (hence the name Scrooglyrics) for the song lyrics, then pulls them off the known sites. Adding sites should be easy so, tell me what sites you'd like to see and I'll be sure to get them in next release! Remember, these sites should be reputable ones that show up in the first 20 results on google for your song's lyrics.

To use this script you must have the following perl modules installed: WWW::Mechanize, HTML::Strip, HTML::Entities.

To do this, su to root then use cpan to install each of them, ex:

cpan>install WWW::Mechanize
cpan>install HTML::Strip
cpan>install HTML::Entities



What's New in This Release:

Major rewrite
Now easier than ever to add lyrics sites or disable them in the source (options screen coming soon)
enhanced whitespace cleaning.
overall cleaner code
Now spoofs user agents to IE6 on Windows to work around any weak blocking attempts.

Last updated on January 18th, 2008

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