Kirocker Music Display 4.0

An Amaork script that makes your Kicker rock with your music

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What's new in Kirocker Music Display 4.0:

  • Theme support with wonderful ones provided by default and a graphical editor that is both powerful and surprisingly easy to use
  • Have fun karaokees with automatically-scrolling lyrics
  • Added a better no-cover image, from Oxygen (sorry guys, but it's the only beautiful and scalable image I found)
  • Now using the "Track, Artist, Album" order (instead of "Artist, Album, Track") to be more complient with other displays, such as iPod,, and even Amarok.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Ssbastien Laoet
ROOT \ Multimedia \ amaroK Scripts
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Kirocker Music Display
Kirocker Music Display is an Amaork script that makes your Kicker (the KDE main panel) rock with your music.

It is a Kicker applet that displays what you listen to in Amarok

You then always know what you are listening to, and watch its cover: it is always visible on your panel.
It allows you to rate your music with one click: you can quickly change the number of stars of your musics from anywhere on your desktop.

To install:
- Extract the archive
- Open a konsole in the extracted folder (in Konqueror, go to the extracted folder and press F4)
- Run this set of command: ./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix) && make && sudo make install
- It will ask your root password to install the applet on your system
- Right click the Kicker, choose "Add an Applet to the Panel..." (once the panel is unlocked)
- Double-click "Kirocker Music Display"
- Start playing a music: the applet is empty when Amarok is stopped or paused, to not annoy you with useless information when you are working

Also included in the package: the Kicker right translucent white background.

How to make the kicker translucent:
- Your screen resolution need to be 1280*800. If not, you will need some artistic skills and a Gimp experience to modify the given background
- Extract the image "Kicker Right Translucent Background.png" located in the Kirocker Music Display archive
- Open your desktop background image with The Gimp
- Drag and drop "Kicker Right Translucent Background.png" to the Gimp window of your background image
- Save the image and set it as your desktop background image
- Right click the Kicker and choose "Configure the Panel..." (once the panel is unlocked)
- Place the panel on the right (click the button on the right)
- Set the size to "Personalized" and enter "96 pixels"
- In the "Appearance" tab, check "Enable transparency"
- Click "Ok" and you're done: ENJOY!

Last updated on December 5th, 2007


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