Costa Rica Radio Stations

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Listen to Costa Rican radios in Amarok





Costa Rica Radio Stations is an Amarok script designed for all the Costa Rican people out there who wants to hear some music in Amarok, and to all people who wanna know a little more about our country.

Developer comments

I just add some Costa Rican Radio Stations to the script based on "Cool Streams" from Nikolaj Hald Nielsen. Thank you Nikolaj!

If you are learning Spanish it could help you in your hearing practices too!

Please take note that some of these stations only work a few hours during daytime or just not work 24 hours (Costa Rica is in GMT -0600 zone, so you can calculate when some of these stations work without problem). Some are indicated but others not. It will take a little extra work to check them all.

I made two file versions: one with text in English to guide those who doesn't speak Spanish through the stations, and another one in Spanish for those who want to experience the Radio Stations with all the Costa Rican flavor and spice :)

Any advice, comment, orthographic error, suggestion or new radio station to add, please leave me a comment below.
Last updated on December 29th, 2012
Costa Rica Radio Stations

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