Copy Selected Tracks 0.2

Copy selected tracks to device or local path

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What's new in Copy Selected Tracks 0.2:

  • added convert flac to mp3 feature and artist/album folder structure. Conversion requires installation of flac and lame ( and Not compatible with windows platforms yet.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Elric Best
ROOT \ Multimedia \ amaroK Scripts
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Copy Selected Tracks
Copy Selected Tracks is an Amarok script that will copy tracks that have been highlighted (aka selected) from a playlist to a destination folder.

Selecting Tracks:
In Amarok, tracks can be selected by clicking on the track, holding ctrl and adding each additionally clicked track to the selection or by holding shift and clicking on a range of tracks.

Copy Tracks:
When imported, the "Copy Selected Songs..." menu item will be added to the tools menu.

Importing Scripts into Amarok:
Amarok looks for scripts in the ~/$KDEHOME/share/apps/amarok/script/yourscriptname/ directory. $KDEHOME is likely .kde, .kde4 or .amarok-nightly if you use Neon.

Pending Updates:
None at the moment, I generally wrote this for myself to copy songs to my media device (mp3 player). But I wanted to share if this is useful to anyone. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

• Thinking of adding an Artist/Album feature which with divide copied files into an Artist/Album folder structure.

Outstanding Issues:
• The progress bar looses focus allot and should block users from repetitively clicking the okay button.
• more...

Last updated on March 10th, 2010


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