Amarok Atom Syndication 0.2.0

Amarok Atom Syndication is a Amarok script for syndicating your currently playing music to the net.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 16
Diego Pino
ROOT \ Multimedia \ amaroK Scripts
Amarok Atom Syndication is a Amarok script for syndicating your currently playing music to the net (store an Atom file on you Google Pages account).

You need to have previously signed for Google Pages service before using this script, and have cookies enable for Google Pages service as well.


perl >= 5.6
AmaroK >= 1.4.3
Firefox >= 1.0


Download the archive, then install and run it with AmaroK script manager.

You can also install find it in "Get more scripts" in AmaroK script manager.

Please notice that to make the script you to have previously signed for Google Pages services.

Open up Firefox and log on Google Pages, check remember my data (script needs to read your cookie vars, so can access to you Google Pages personal account.


At this very moment there is not any dialog-box to prompt for configuration data, you need to type in the script.

Edit the sript and insert your Google user login on $username
You may also change the name of the Atom file on $ATOM_FILE (amarok.xml, by default).

Here are some key features of "Amarok Atom Syndication":

Uses Google Pages service to store an Atom file contanining data about the music you are currently listening to
In combination with a Web Agregator you can consume, later on, this file to show up your friends what music you have been most recently listened to. Examples of Web Agregator may be found at Blogger, or FaceBook


Please notice that some web agregators such as Feed Reader Widget at Blogger or Google Reader, cached Syndicate files ann only refreshed them after one hour.

You better check the plugin is working correctly using a prope desktop Feed Reader or any feed reader for Firefox, such as Sage.

What's New in This Release:

Now Google login settings are no longer made on a text file, by through a GUI (perl-qt3 bindings)
Configuration file splited by two: .conf.rc and preferences.rc
Configuration files follow Config::General file format (Apache file format)
Broken link to seeqpod fixed

Last updated on May 10th, 2008

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