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2.9/5 18
Amalyp is an Amarok Lyrics Plug-in.




Amalyp is an Amarok Lyrics Plug-in.

Amalyp is a script which shows the Lyrics for the current playing song in Amarok.

Because Amalyp uses LRC files to get the lyrics it will highlight the current playing line, in sort-of karaoke style.



What's New in This Release:

This is a bug-fix release so there are no new features (unless you have a love for the new little check-box in the configuration screen)
Removed problem with LRC files which use time tags like [01:55:66] (Thanks to Antti Kirjavainen for this fix)
When a LRC file is removed it will be removed out of the database avoiding errors
When one of the directory's listed to search in for LRC files is removed it will also be removed out of the configuration file avoiding errors
Removed problem which made it only possible for Amalyp to find LRC files in other directory's than the one of the current song (Thanks to Antti Kirjavainen for pointing me to this problem)
Fixed a bug which made the list of directory's to search grow over time when Amalyp is running which made the search routine slow down.
Last updated on November 2nd, 2007

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