active acoustic vibration control

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active acoustic vibration control is a set of basic tools for monitoring and modulating audio noise.




active acoustic vibration control tool is a set of basic tools for monitoring and modulating audio noise.

The tools aim toward a set of codes and algorithms for monitoring noise signal and modulation and reducing them using active noise control priciples.

Active noise control and soundproofing is a relativly recent development (first researched around 30 years ago), and has been in constant development for many and varied situations and applications.

The basic concept of active noise control is the aplication of equal and opposite force to cancel out vibration.

The project attempts to provide a starting point and library for experimentation into various methods of digital signal processing for active noise reduction and soundproofing.

Noise cancellation has been used in many environments currently active control is best used in constant vibrations with lower frequencys.

The principle is of controlling the noise level by adding an equal and opposite sound to the noise in the environment. The basic principle may be simple but the actual effectivness depends on many environmental factors.

Generally simplistic out of phase sound wave is used which works to some extent and requires little processing (a simple XOR with -1) this will tend to leave a large number of artifacts as the amplitude of higher frequency components (above i->o delay time) rises.

i->o processing delay
e transducer efficiency
p sound propagation characteristics
r reflections

The project aims to provide a framework for many dsp architectures, dac/adc chips, transducers and monitors.

Create tools for acoustic calibration and data logging hardware
To simplify implementation of active noise and vibration control systems.
To provide an open source standard for use within the industry and education.
To encourage hardware producers to distribute standard interface descriptions for their hardware
Enable low cost development of systems using COTS consumer hardware for noise and vibration control.
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