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A portable, cross-platofrm and Open Source toolkit for playing ZX-Spectrum music

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ZXTune is an open source application that provide users with a portable toolkit for playing various chiptune modules, originally used on the ZX-Spectrum 8-bit personal home computer. It is compatible with a wide range of computing environments.

Supports numerous AY/YM sound chips and digital modules

The application supports the following AY/YM sound chips from ZX-Spectrum: compliled data in native format (AY), ASC Sound Master (AS0/ASC), Global Tracker (GTR), Pro Sound Creator (PSC), Stream (PSG), ProSoundMaker (PSM), ProTracker (PT1, PT2, PT3), SQ-Tracker (SQT), SoundTracker (ST1, ST3, STC), SoundTrackerPro (STP), TurboSound, Vortex (VTX), and StSound (YM).

Among the supported digital modules, we can mention ChipTracker, DigitalStudio, DIGI Booster, ProDigiTracker, Composer 669, Asylum Music Format, X-Tracker, Quadra Composer, Funktracker, Soundtracker/Ice Tracker, Farandole Composer, MED/OctaMED, Protracker, Slamtilt, Fast Tracker II, Scream Tracker 2, Protracker Studio, and DigitalMusicMaker.

In addition, it supports the DigiBooster Pro, SQ Digital Tracker, SampleTracker, DigiBooster Pro, Digital Tracker, Imago Orpheus, Images Music System, Ultra Tracker, His Master's Noise, Real Tracker, Graoumf Tracker, Multitracker, Digitrakker, Impulse Tracker, Oktalyzer, SoundFX, Soundtracker, STMIK, TCB Tracker, Liquid Tracker, Poly Tracker, Protracker 3, Epic MegaGames MASI, and DSMI Advanced Module Format modules.

Supports a wide range of containers and output subsystems

The program also supports a wide range of containers, as well as SAA, FM, and MOS6581 modules. Furthermore, the ALSA, OSS, WAV writer, MP3, FLAC, OGG, SDL, NULL writer, AYLPT, DirectSound and WaveOutput output subsystems are supported by ZXTune.

Under the hood, we can report that the application’s graphical user interface is written with the Qt GUI toolkit, which makes it portable on the Android, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Windows, and GNU/Linux (Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Dingux) operating systems.

Bottom line

Overall, ZXTune is a decent and unique application for playing chiptunes on a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems. It comes with support for a plethora of modules and formats, as well as various output subsystems.

ZXTune was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 24th, 2014
ZXTune - The main window, where users will be able to add and play filesZXTune - The AY/YM tab of the Preferences dialog allows users to set the clock frequency, in HzZXTune - The Z80 tab of the Preferences dialog allows users to set the clock rate, in Hz, and the INT duration, in ticksZXTune - The Sound tab of the Preferences dialog allows users to set the frame duration, in uS, and the sound frequency, in HzZXTune - screenshot #5ZXTune - screenshot #6ZXTune - screenshot #7ZXTune - screenshot #8ZXTune - screenshot #9ZXTune - screenshot #10

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