Yet another MP3 Tool 0.5

YAMT is Yet Another MP3 Tool which helps you to organize your MP3s.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Benedikt Roth
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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Yet another MP3 ToolYet another MP3 ToolYet another MP3 Tool
YAMT is Yet Another MP3 Tool which helps you to organize your MP3s.It's a program for GNOME and allows you to edit the ID3 TAG of one MP3 file, change the tag of many files at once and many other.

Here are some key features of "YetanotherMP3Tool":

Editing of single ID3 TAGs
Rename files based on their ID3 TAGs
Mass tagging with variables %dir and %file for the current directory and file
Auto tagging
Tag exchanging
Sorting (unsorting) into (from)subdirectories
Explore your mp3s (with filter ability)
Create Playlists

What's New in This Release:

A log window where YAMT's current activities are shown
New feature: you may replace eg. ever in filenames with spaces
Find-feature was restructured and is now named explore
A popup menu in the edit and explore notebook page (just right-click for it) (If you select an item (eg. mass) the options for this are taken from the appropriate notebook page)
some documentation (please look at the help menu)
A progress bar to indicate activity
"Set" feature renamed to "Auto Tag"
New option in "Auto Tag": move everything between parantheses to the comment field
YAMT does not any longer check only for a valid mpeg header since this worked not properly, but also checks for ".mp3" as the extension
japanese translation
new logo and icon
Many bug fixes

Last updated on July 25th, 2006

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