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Yammi is a digital music collection manager.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Oliver Nölle
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Yammi ("Yet Another Music Manager I...") is a digital music collection (eg. mp3, ogg, flac, wav files) manager targeted at large song collections (eg. a few thousand songs).

Yammi project allows you to efficiently organize your music collection (edit tags, rename or move files, ...) and features intuitive and fast access to songs for playing or editing them.

For playing songs Yammi currently supports three media player backends, namely XMMS (X MultiMedia System), Noatun or an internal arts player (and experimental: gstreamer).

Here are some key features of "Yammi":

ˇ fast and easy fuzzy search (search 5.000 songs in less than a second for a misspelled song)
ˇ support for id3, ogg and flac tag reading and writing (including id3v2) via taglib
ˇ organize songs into playlists/categories
ˇ automatic folder structure (by artist/album/genre/year/history)
ˇ easy navigation between folders
ˇ automatic statistic keeping (when/how many times was a song played?)
ˇ powerful consistency checks to keep your song database consistent
ˇ organize names and location of song files by enforcing a configurable directory/filename pattern (eg. /music/{artist}/{album}/{trackNr} {artist}-{title}.{suffix})
ˇ jukebox functionality to load song files on demand from CDs/DVDs
ˇ easily burn a selection of songs to audio or data CD/DVD (using K3b)
ˇ assistance for backing up your song collection to multiple CDs/DVDs
ˇ prelisten to songs on headphone to DJ your own party (needs a second sound device)
ˇ invoke other programs such as cdlabelgen or your own shell scripts to generate CD labels, transfer files to your IPod or execute other commands using the information from Yammi's song database

What's New in This Release:

ˇ fixed: incorrect qualifier in "fuzzsrch.h" causing compilation problems with newer versions of gcc (4.0 and above)
ˇ fixed: Bug 1436536: bug in consistency check (not detecting two songs with identical primary keys)

Last updated on March 31st, 2007

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