XMMS-SID 0.9.0

XMMS-SID is an XMMS plugin which provides support for playing the so-called "SID tunes".

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What's new in XMMS-SID 0.9.0:

  • This version fixes 2SID stereo SID tune playback via the libSIDPlayFP backend, fixes MD5 calculation for stereo PSIDv3 and RSIDv3 tunes, changes emulator initialization semantics for better compatibility, adds support for displaying second SID chip model information in title strings, improves automatic reconfiguration of settings if the emulator backend is changed, and support libSIDPlayFP 1.0.1 (required, if using the 1.x series; the old 0.3.x series is still supported as well.)
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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XMMS-SID project is a plugin for XMMS for playing music that is commonly referred as "SID-tunes" aka music from Commodore 64 computer and it's close relatives.

For the actual emulation/playing, XMMS-SID can utilize several emulator engines (listed below).

Here are some key features of "XMMS SID":

· Run-time selectable emulation library.
· 2-8x oversampling support.
· Supports multiple emulation libraries:
· libSIDPlay v1
· libSIDPlay v2 with reSID-builder
· Several sub-tune selection/control methods as configurable options.
· Automatic sub-tune changer; plays through all sub-tunes in file, starting from default.
· Configurable filter-settings.
· Supports HVSC song-length database and has a maximum playtime check.
· Optionally configurable title-string like in MPG123 plugin (supports also XMMS 1.2.5+ generic titles)
· Standard audio output quality settings.
· STIL (SID Tune Information List) support.
· File information dialog < CTRL+3 >, shows normal SID-tune info and STIL info if enabled.

XMMS-SID is Free Software licensed and distributed under GNU General Public License.


· libsidplay2

What's New in This Release:

· Support for the CVS version of libSIDPlay2 (e.g. the new COM-style API) was added.
· Small improvements were made in the GUI.
· A few portability and other bugs were fixed.

Last updated on March 31st, 2013

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