XMMS-Control 0.05 Beta

XMMS-Control provides a Web-based control for XMMS.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Joe Thielen
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
XMMS-Control provides a Web-based control for XMMS.

XMMS-Control is a web-based interface for the XMMS (X MultiMedia System). XMMS is an MP3 player for Linux based systems (it also plays other media formats).

XMMS-Control is a graphical interface for the command-line utility XMMS-Shell.

Using XMMS-Control, you can control the music playng from an XMMS equipped machine from any PC on the network, including wireless laptops/PDAs!!!

Imagine being out in the pool and being able to control the music with an 802.11b based PocketPC using a browser! You can do it with XMMS-Control!

XMMS-Control has an interface for standard PCs (desktops/laptops), as well as a mobile/PDA formatted interface, for smaller screens!!!

In addition, XMMS-Control can itself be controlled via other programs (i.e., custom interfaces) using the XMMS-Control API/Hooks program! You can tie XMMS-Control into a larger system via this method.

Let's say you're creating a system for whole-house automation, and you wish to use ONE consistent interface. Well, with the XMMS-Control API/Hooks, you can!!!

What's New in This Release:

Some major bugfixes... should work MUCH BETTER on most platforms that had problems before. If you had problems getting XMMS-Control installed and running, please try this new version! Please read the new installation entries in the manual!!!
More detailed installation instructions for getting XMMS-Shell up and running (including V0.99) in the README & manual.
Directories are now SORTED alphabetically on the file chooser screen (previously was unsorted).
Should handle MP3 lists with file names and ID3 tags containing commas much better now (previously when a comma was encountered, the list was off by one, the name would get split, and the second half would go to the next line).

Last updated on March 7th, 2007

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