TAON 0.6b

TAON (The Art Of Noise) is a small but fancy sound editor with plugin support.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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TAON (The Art Of Noise) is a small but fancy sound editor with plugin support. It reads WAV (RAW and PCM) files, includes some built-in effects, and features a plugin API. A SID reader and generator plugin is included in source code.


· A running Linux system, x86 for now, I dunno about alpha
· Kernel 2.2.x Generation is expected, to guarantee hazzle free operation
· As TAON has a nice GUI, you will need X installed
· A 3 Button Mouse is recommended, if not available, make sure you emulate middle button, by chording the two buttons.
· As we did not write a GUI toolkit, we built up on gtk+ v1.2.x, you will need that (and of course an up to date glib)
· Of course, to hear what you are doing, you need a working soundcard, using OSS, in other words, we insist on /dev/dsp0
· And a fast Processor would be a great thing
· Oooh, and you will of course need libc6 (glibc2)
· If you want the online help, kdehelp is needed.

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed: Selecting whole Waveform and cutting made TAON exit with a MEMORY error.
· Fixed: When starting with an empty file and using some generator plugin, undo didn't work
· Fixed: Starting with empty file and using SampleGen had the same prob
· Changed: Due to the changes, doing an undo after opening a file restores the Application to the state right after starting I am not sure, if I like this or not
· Fixed: When using gtk+ themes, the whole display got badly screwed seems Myth^PNR didn't properly read the GTK+ docs and stuff. There's still tiny problems with a view themes, but this is usually a design problem in the themes, just give it a try
· Added: Myth^PNR did some SID Reader as Plugin You can find it in the Plugins Menu, though it got a nasty bug (Am wondering who will be the first mailing me, which Error I mean)

Last updated on July 25th, 2006

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