Strasheela 0.9.10

Strasheela is a highly expressive constraint-based music composition system.

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What's new in Strasheela 0.9.10:

  • Main additions and changes:
  • Fixed serious bug: core of Strasheela dependend on IOzSeF, now IOzSeF support moved into an extra contribution functor IOzSeF (thanks to Ajay Dhar for pointing out this problem)
  • Added Windows batch files for installation etc. (thanks to Ajay Dhar for a first version!!)
  • Added functor Segments: a collection of re-usable musical segments (sub-CSPs) such as a contrapuntual line, motifs, or a homophonic chord progression
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Torsten Anders
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Strasheela is a highly expressive constraint-based music composition system. The Strasheela user declaratively states a music theory and the computer generates music which complies with this theory.

A theory is formulated as a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) by a set of rules (constraints) applied to a music representation in which some aspects are expressed by variables (unknowns).

Music constraint programming is style-independent and is well-suited for highly complex theories (e.g. a fully-fledged theory of harmony). The results can be output into various formats including MIDI, Lilypond, and Csound.

Last updated on March 29th, 2009

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