Soundtank 1.0.2

Soundtank hosts LADSPA plugins in "realtime objects" which embody the structure of the audio signal flow.
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Soundtank hosts LADSPA plugins in "realtime objects" which embody the structure of the audio signal flow. RTObjects can be controlled in a completely customizeable fashion using MIDI events sent through the ALSA sequencer interface. Soundtank project outputs audio through ALSA or JACK.

Inside Soundtank, objects are organized in Signal Paths, which are ordered lists of other objects. The order of objects in a Signal Path is the order in which they are processed. A signal path in soundtank is similar to a directory in the Unix filesystem. Channels in the path carry the audio signal between its member objects.

Soundtank is similar to the Unix shell, it gives you a command-line where you enter commands. Most Unix shell commands have an equivalent in Soundtank. If you know the Unix shell, then you already have a good idea about how to use Soundtank.

Main features:

  • native ALSA playback, full-duplex using JACK
  • ALSA sequencer client created for every RTObject allowing extensive realtime control
  • no GUI: better for live shows
  • command line completion of internal RTObject pathnames & saved filenames
  • Event Maps allow for complete control over how incoming MIDI events are handled by each RTObject
  • automatic Event Map creation for LADSPA plugins with frequency controls
  • multi-instance RTObjects allow for polyphony
  • RTObjects saved to human readable flat-file format xml files
  • base environment stored in customizeable configuration file ~/.soundtank_env which is a regular soundtank xml file
  • example RTObjects included in the 'example' directory

last updated on:
February 17th, 2006, 20:42 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Jacob Robbins
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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