Sound Mural 0.0.9e

Sound Mural is a picture-to-sound converter plugin for Xpaint.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
5.0/5 1
Kurt Rosenfeld
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Sound Mural is a picture-to-sound converter plugin for Xpaint.

An image that has been loaded or composed in Xpaint is treated as a spectrogram, and the corresponding audio is written out as a WAV file.

Examples of what Sound Mural can do, can be seen and heard on the Sound Mural Web page.

To use sound mural, you need an XPaint that supports loading precompiled filters. Future official versions of XPaint might support this, but until then you can download the source here.

The modification adds a "Load Precompiled Filter" menu item to the C_Script menu. It pops open a file selection box, and you select a .so file which contains a precompiled filter, which it loads.

After it is loaded, you can run the filter from the "User Defined Filter" in the "Filters" menu. Although this modification was made to XPaint to support Sound Mural, it might be generally useful.

Your X needs to be running in 24 bit color mode or better. Otherwise it will work but performance will be bad. It is probably a good idea to use a pure white background color in XPaint.

Non-white background colors result in constant background noise in the output of Sound Mural. And pure white pixels require no processing, so it goes much faster if most of the image is pure white.

Installation and use:

Type make to compile. You must have an XPaint that has the PRECOMPILED_FILTERS feature. If you have that, then you can load this module from

Selectors -> C_Script_Editor -> File -> Load_Precompiled_Filter

After it is loaded, you invoke Sound Mural by

Filters -> User_Defined_Filter

Each time you invoke sound mural, it will render the canvas as audio, and write a WAV file to the location specified in soundmural.c. The default location is /tmp/soundmural.wav.

What's New in This Release:

Sound Mural is now a freestanding command line program.
It reads a PNG on stdin and writes WAV on stdout.

Last updated on January 19th, 2006

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