Sonic Flow 0.1.6

Sonic Flow are C/C libraries for dataflow-oriented audio signal processing.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 21
Antoine Mathys and Jarno Seppänen
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Sonic Flow are C/C libraries for dataflow-oriented audio signal processing. Sonic Flow consists of a feature-rich synchronous dataflow (SDF) library, a set of elementary signal processing blocks and a set of ready-made example applications.

The examples illustrate implementing high-quality digital effects utilizing the SDF dataflow library and the signal processing blocks.

Here are some key features of "Sonic Flow":

· Synchronous dataflow library
· Small-overhead synchronic dataflow (SDF) network execution
· 1-dimensional signals
· Multirate networks (resampling) supported
· Hierarchical network (subnetworks) supported
· Cyclic networks (feedback) supported
· Example applications
· 3-band fully parametric equalizer
· chorus/flanger
· dynamic range compressor/expander
· monophonic AM/FM tone synthesizer
· multitap delay line
· wah-wah
· Signal processing blocks
· Math: adder, divider, multiplier, negation, pow, reciprocal.
· Linear filters: band pass filter, band stop filter, biquad filter, high pass filter, high shelf filter, low pass filter, low shelf filter, peaking filter --- all are 2nd-order IIR's.
· Multirate: downsampler, upsampler.
· Input/output: file input, file output --- requires libsndfile or audiofile.
· Signal generation: impulse generator, noise generator (uniform white noise), sine generator.
· Other: ampdB, attack/release, dBamp, delay line (integer and fractional delay), max/min, multiplexer, quantizer, RMS estimator, sample&hold, variable.


· libsndfile or audiofile library

What's New in This Release:
src/blocks/,src/blocks/ removed (some) error handling code. libsndfile seems to return errors too easily.
· src/blocks/ temporary workaround (see file) added so that the distribution finally compiles!

Last updated on October 18th, 2007

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