SlimServer 6.5.3

SlimServer provides an elegant and easy to use interface for playback of music stored in many audio formats.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Slim Devices, Inc.
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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SlimServer provides an elegant and easy to use interface for playback of music stored in many audio formats, and supports Internet radio stations, playlist management, Web access, and an infrared remote control.

The music remains on the host computer and streams over the network to any streaming audio client.

This robust Open Source software includes contributions from a worldwide community of developers who are driven by the desire to work on exciting projects.

The efforts of Slim Devices' Open Source community results in rapid development and a rich set of features, evolving in response to user feedback.

Here are some key features of "SlimServer":

· Web Interface control the player and manage playlists from a web browser
· MP3 Internet radio
· Alarm clock
· Automatically imports iTunes library and playlists (Windows and Mac)
· Automatically imports ID3 tags
· Browse and search by title, artist, album or genre
· Shuffle and repeat albums or songs
· Create, save, and import .pls, .cue and .m3u playlist files
· Displays current date and time when not playing
· Open protocol and command line API easy to control from other applications
· Expandable through 3rd party plug-ins and skins
· Supports multiple synchronized players
· Cross platform Open Source software, written in Perl (GPL)
· Listen from any computer using an MP3 software player (Winamp or iTunes)

What's New in This Release:

Tag Reading:
· Support the PICTURE metadata type introduced in FLAC 1.1.3
· Guess Tags pattern matching now operates from end of string backward
· ID3 2.4: support for null delimited lists in tags

· Support for MoodLogic has been dropped.

· UPnP client may now be enabled/disabled from the Network settings page.

Web Interface:
· Added a /robots.txt file, just in case a web crawler finds your SlimServer running on a public IP.

Bug Fixes:
· #1604 - Problems with "Guess Tags"
· #3972 - Null-delimited lists in ID3v2.4 text frames
· #4110 - Incorrect display with browser refresh after adding Internet Radio station from playlist
· #4193 - album (no album) a mess
· #4254 - Installer does not open Vista firewall
· #4357 - add an option to not show UPnP servers under browse
· #4437 - Navigating unsorted lists with the number keys doesn't work
· #4694 - When "Composer, band and orchestra in artists" are disabled, song info items for composer, conductor & orchestra are displayed but show "Empty" when moving right
· #4710 - AIFF & WAV id3 tags no longer read by Slimserver
· #4812 - Rescan done callback not called in all situations
· #4817 - last 10 seconds of sleep are loud, blip from next song
· #4882 - multiple roles for same contributor removed from contributor_album table
· #4900 - Roles in contributor_album Database will be overwritten
· #5028 - "Select Player Font" dropbox not completely localized
· #5062 - Hebrew string appears incorrectly on player UI
· #5073 - slimserver_safe logs to /var/log/slimserver.log (while server logs to /var/log/slimserver/slimserver.log)
· #5090 - If no local DNS server is available, bad things happen
· #5093 - Nokia770 skin on Nokia N800 shows a vertical scroll bar and the page footer moves bottom of the page when scrolling
· #5094 - Pausing track after transcoding has finished causes rebuffering message
· #5095 - Comment search broken
· #5103 - Very short tracks: Player streams too many files to the player
· #5104 - "Now Playing - (SqueezeBox IP)" is on the playlist.
· #5133 - Track Replaygain wrong, Album Replaygain ok
· #5121 - Accented characters in Genre broken in Random Mix Web Interface
· #5123 - Switch to Squeezenetwork link missing in some skins
· #5137 - Crossfade + Sleep = Ugly volume jump

Last updated on July 16th, 2007

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