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Easily control SuperCollider sound server from Python




SC is an app that allows to easily control Supercollider sound server (scsynth) from Python.

It wraps scsynth / scosc libraries by Patrick Stinson.They allow Python to talk to scsynth via OpenSoundControl . SC provides with a simpler API to use those libraries. However advance users might want to bypass SC and use those libraries directly.

Using SC, Supercollider Synthdefs can be loaded into the scsynth server therefore can be totally controlled from Python.

New synthdefs can be instantiated in real time new conections can be created and modified. SC can also be used from interactive Python to do live coding.

For example a simple synthdef that sends a sine wave to the sound card would look like this in Supercollider's sclang:

SynthDef(\sine, { |amp = 0.5, freq = 440|
        var data =, 0, amp);, data ! 2);

Compiling this produces a file called sine.scsyndef that can be later loaded and controlled from Python using the SC module as easy as this:

sine = sc.Synth( "sine" )
sine.freq = 444
sine.amp = 0.9
... and so on ...
Last updated on January 24th, 2012

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