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RusXMMS2 package contains patches for XMMS to achive on the fly recoding functions.




RusXMMS2 package contains patches for XMMS to achieve on the fly recoding functions.

Originally, the project was aimed to provide means to work with multiple encodings of the same language through adapting encoding of ID3 tags, M3U and PLS playlists (including file names) to local settings on-the-fly. Both the tag reading and writing back using any selected encoding was supported.

Nowadays there are library available providing the same functionality for almost any program with just a few lines of code. The library is not limited to ID3 tags, it can be useful for any program working with small titles or file names in different languages and encodings. The patches for several music players, ID3 tag libraries and some other programs are available on the project page.

Here are some key features of "RusXMMS2":

Language Autodetection
On the fly translation between languages, using online-services!
Encoding Autodetection for most of European and Asian Languages
Support for encoding detection plugins (besides Enca, LibGUESS and LibRCD)
Recoding/translation of multi-language playlists!
Cache to speed-up re-recoding.
Possibility to configure new languages and encodings.
Shared configuration file. For example mentioned TagLib and LibID3 patches do not have their own user interface, but will utilize the same recoding configuration as XMMS.
As well the separate program for configuration adjustment is available.
GTK/GTK2 UI Library: you can add properties page to your GTK application with 3 lines of code.
Menu localization opportunity

The Available Patches and Utilities

RusXMMS: Visualization and editing of the whole range of ID3 tags using any of eight byte or unicode encodings. Support for playlists with non-english filenames. The translation of foreign languages to english or locale one is supported as well. The embeded properties page. The patch makes XMMS the best player to work with ID3 titles.
TagLib: Visualization and editing of ID3 v.1 and v.2 titles. Any TagLib based application will correctly work with ID3 tags out of the box. The properties page can be added to application with several lines of code. Additionaly, after applying the patch, the 'tagwriter' program from the TagLib examples can be used to convert titles of all your MP3 files to unicode ID3 v.2 tags just using command: "tagwriter *.mp3".
LibID3: Visualization of ID3 v.1 and v.2 titles. Any LibID3 based application will correctly display (but not edit) ID3 tags out of the box.
Mpg123: Visualization of ID3 v.1 titles.
GFtp: Recoding file names between FTP servers using different encodings.
Unzip: Recoding file names from Windows created archives.
7zip: Fixes file names in zip archives (7z archives have not that problem out of the box).
MOC: Recoding ID3 tags (included in 2.4.0)
RCCTools: Command line interface to LibRCC library. It is a highly configurable tool (supports almost all library functionality) which allows to recode standard input on the per-line basis. Additionaly, there is a special mode providing a way to bring the names of all files in the specified directory to appropriate form (to the specified encoding, transliterate all names to english, translate all names to english, etc.)

What's New in This Release:

Support of xmms-1.2.11
Last updated on November 26th, 2007

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