Rip 1.07

Rip is a command-line based audio CD track ripper and MP3, FLAC, or Ogg Vorbis encoder.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Greg Smethells
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Rip is a command-line based audio CD track ripper and MP3, FLAC, or Ogg Vorbis encoder. I would believe that you probably already have all required tools on your system. Perhaps, even the CDDB/CDDB_get and MP3::Info perl modules. However, not everyone will have them installed by their distribution, therefore, I have included a tarball of these modules in my releases. You can get them on your own as well. Just thought I'd save you the trouble. Installation notes for those packages can be found in the file README.

You only need one of bladeenc, lame, notlame, or gogo if you plan to rip to MP3 an is likely that you already have one of those.If you plan to rip to Ogg Vorbis, you will need the *newest* version of oggenc installed. Likewise, if you want to rip to FLAC, you will need flac installed on your system.

For CD track ripping, I'll be amazed if cdparanoia isn't on your system by default (assuming you run Linux). Otherwise there is always cdda2wav. I will further be amazed if perl isn't on your system by default. So, likely all you might need to install, other than rip, is CDDB/CDDB_get and MP3::Info. Those go in pretty easily. Read the README for more information and detailed notes.

What's New in This Release:

(1) Grrr. This time for sure. Fix the $#%@! quote problem when tagging ogg vorbis files. Why exactly did ogg developers decide it would be a "good idea" if tagging was done on the command-line where shells could screw up special chars left, right, and sideways. Anyway, about a dozen different "fixes" patching this problem came into
my inbox. I think I have done one that will leave special chars (like those german u's) alone but also not screw up on a filename with ' in it. We shall see how I fare this time. No credit is going anywhere on this one but it sure was nice to have several patch possiblities to choose from. Thanks to everyone who gave this some thought. Hopefully I don't have to go near this one again.
(2) Another thing people have been beating me over the head about since I started this is whether files should be named using " " or "_" for white-space. Now there's a flag to turn on and off the use of underscores while renaming files. Note that now you need to use -n/--nounderscore if you do not want underscores in filenames, even if you are using -f/--format. Marco von Loon finally motivated me on this one.
(3) No longer append extension to rip temp file because it is useless and because when you loop over many CDs, the while loop causes the appension of the extension multiple times unless you move it to a very odd part of the code. Thanks to Kevin Mulholland.
(4) No longer remove "-" from dir and file names. Just got a little overzealous removing special chars from names that would cause crashes otherwise. Oh w ll.A
Thanks to Marco von Loon.
(5) Kevin Lester caught a rare bug: if the CDDB entry is the empty string for some tracks, the parse logic goes into an infinite loop. properNameList is now checked for "" and replaces it with "Unknown".
(6) Russel Smith was first to notice that the "-o" flag needs to be appended to the end of the flag list. As the code that did this work was a patch and not something I tested, this problem has been around for a while. Good thing someone is actually using flac and noticed. Tai Lee suggests removing the stdin "-" flag entirely. Anyone know if that is a good idea on all platforms?
(7) Mike Irwin noticed that $dev from ~/.riprc on the first run causes problems and should be tested.
(8) Playlists are now created relative to the inital directory you ran rip from. Though he didn't have it quite right, this too was motivated by Marco von Loon.

Last updated on July 19th, 2006

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