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Record Manager - This main menu of the Program immediately after startup.
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Record Manager is an application to manage records and/or any other sound carrier. The program allows the management of singles, long playing record (LP), CDs, MCs and other sound carriers.

The adding of new titles is very easy and it is designed to add great masses of titles in short time. Depends only in how fast you can type Smile. Especially the adding of LPs was designed to be very fast and easy.

Since version 0.8 you can add an audio CD completely automatic. Precondition is, that an audio CD is in your local CD drive and that there exists a CDDB entry on one of the remote servers. As it was possible before, there can be a local CDDB file also. In this case the local file is prefered.

Main features:

  • There is a table to manage singles (old records containing only one song per side). The table contains fields for song title (A and B side), singer/group and date of press. Additional you can enter a copyright notice and the price you've paid for it.
  • There are two tables for storing all other sound carriers where one depends on the other (master, child). The master table contains the record title, the type and the date of press. The child table contains the cuts. The table holds the song title, singer/group and time to play in minutes and seconds. There is no limit of cuts per LP. Therefore you can use this program also to manage big MP3 archives.
  • Since version 0.8 you can also add a wish list. This list works similar to the singles list.
  • You can print separate lists of singles and LPs. With the option dialog you can choose how to print them. You can choose between printing directly to printer, printing to a file, or put the data in a file using a format that allows to use the data in a spreadsheet program, for example.
  • Since version 0.8 full CDDB support is integrated. If a CD can't be found in the local CDDB database, the program looks at the Internet to get the CD. As far as you're online and the CD exists on the Internet you've not to type it in.
  • Currently is supported. This is a free CDDB server (GPL) on the Internet. All other CDDB server who supports the same interface, are also supported.
  • Record Manager is able to send self typed CDs to via mail. is the default target after you've installed the program. But there can be used any mail address you want.
  • All texts visible on screen are in a resource files. The resource files are plain text. So you can edit the files for example to translate it into another language.
  • Currently the languages english and german are supported. I appreciate a translation into any other language. I hope that someone is willing to do this.

last updated on:
July 3rd, 2009, 8:08 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
Andreas Theofilu
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Record Manager
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Record Manager - Search for singles.Record Manager - Search for sound carriers.

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