Ratoximus 0.2.3

Ratoximus is a backend for rating your music on the fly.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
5.0/5 2
Juho-Pekka Kuitunen
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Ratoximus is a backend for rating your music on the fly. When a good song comes up on your playlist, you can mark it up to your favorites, and when you just can't stand a song, you can blacklist it.

A cleanlist is generated based on a preselected list, taking out the blacklisted entries. It includes a simple interactive frontend, and tips to other methods.


a music player (xmms is a great option and the defaults are for it)
a utility / way to control it from the cli (xmmsctrl is a good one for xmms, and we use it by default - http://user.it.uu.se/~adavid/utils/)
basic GNU utilities like bash, cat, grep, cut, echo and so on (yeah, you have em)


xbindkeys, for an easy way to bind it to your keyboard.
libxosd for osd support

What's New in This Release:

fixed a multiugly bug that caused 10 secs of extra execution time being spent with osd on
fixed a bug that had been sleeping untill now due to sheer luck, sanitize now works due to facts, not luck (:
quickmode and cleanlist generate
new topics: quickmode and generate
formatting corrections to several categories (too long lines)
various typos, misinformation and additional info
cleaned up some of the internal help systems unused cues and updated to the new features
installer works again, had forgot to add the version string thats now in the packaged dir
the installer now pre-configures your conf so that it matches the user that was installing ($USER)

Last updated on September 15th, 2005

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