RJB's Digital Media Center 2.0

RJB's Digital Media Center is a music player.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Robert J. Bubon
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
1 RJB's Digital Media Center Screenshot:
RJB's Digital Media Center
RJB's Digital Media Center is a music player.

RJB's Digital Music Center is designed to run on dedicated hardware. Because of this. It running as root. Very dangerous. Other than grabbing the X display and calling stop and halt scripts. It should be able to run as a non-root user. I will look into this on future releases.

Install steps:

(1) Install Nvidia Graphics Card.
(2) Plug X10 or IRMan control module into Com1.
(3) Connect Computer to Television
(4) Install RedHat 9.0
(5) During RedHat install select "Server Install"
(5) During package selection

(a) Select The Following Packages
X Window System
Sound and Video
Windows File Server
Development Tools
X Software Development

(b) De-Select The Following Packages
Printing Support
Text Based internet
Server Configuration Tools
Web Server
Administration Tools

(6) Identify or Create a directory for your Media files.
mkdir /usr/local/Media
Would be a good choice. The install script will ask and expect this path to exist. It will create a symbolic link to it. Also create symbolic link inside to for Cdrom to /mnt/cdrom

(7) As root UnZip/Tar the DMC release in /usr/local
cd /usr/local
tar zxvf dmc-releaseV2.0.tgz.tgz

(8) If your System is a HP DEC then you need to copy from the original HP disk the binary decvfdcmd.
cp /opt/odin/dec/bin/decvfdcmd /tmp
This binary controls the front LCD display.
The install script will ask for this path.

(9) As root run the DMC Install Script.
cd /usr/local/dmc/bin

(10) Answer questions and follow instructions
(11) Good Luck!

Last updated on August 4th, 2006

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