Partyman 0.7.3

Partyman is a simple double-deck audio player that keeps on playing as long as it's running.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Partyman is a simple double-deck audio player that keeps on playing as long as it's running. If it finds entries in its own playlist, these are played, otherwise random tracks are chosen.

The Partyman project also crossfades between the tracks automatically. The main purpose for this program is providing some background music for a party, respecting requests. It is based upon Qt4 (needs Qt 4.2 or better) and uses DerMixD as a backend.


You need to have DerMixD up and running. Then you can start Partyman with

./Partyman list1.m3u list2.m3u ...

There are also commandline opions that are introduced by calling "./Partyman -h". So you start Partyman with one or more m3u-files. These are used as the primary database and should contain absolute filenames starting with "/". Relative filenames will be resolved to the position of the m3u file. If you've got no m3u file you can create one yourself simply with

find /path/to/music -iname *.mp3 -o *.ogg > all.m3u

Once the program has been started there are three areas of interest:

1. On top there are the two players.
2. In the middle there's a playlist.
3. On the bottom there's a browser and search applet.

Press the "Connect" button to connect to DerMixD and after a successful connection, Partyman will start playing automatically. If the playlist is empty, it will pick a random file from the database. 10 seconds before that track ends, the other player kicks off. You can also switch to the other player instantly by pressing the "Next"-Button.

To fill the playlist just browse the database with mouse or keyboard. The enter key, double clicking or pressing the right mouse button will add the track to the bottom of the playlist. If it's a folder all contents and sub-contents will be added. Double clicking, Pressing delete or the right mouse button will delete all selected tracks in the playlist. Click and hold an entry to move it.

For using the search just enter a substring of the desired track name, the full pathname will be searched. Pressing enter will start the search, wildcard searching using "*" is supported. Found entries can be moved to the playlist by selecting them and double clicking, pressing enter or the right mouse button. Pressing delete will remove them without moving into the playlist.
A track from a player can be unloaded by pressing the right mouse button on the "ready" label.

Complete tracknames will be displayed as tooltips, if the ones inside the fields are truncated.

This should be all you need to know to get things started.


Building is straight forward: just run qmake of Qt4 and make after that to get a running binary.

I do it slightly different like this:

.../Partyman$ mkdir Linux;cd Linux
.../Partyman/Linux$ qmake-qt4 ../
.../Partyman/Linux$ make

This way, I've separated all generated from all selfwritten code.

And that's how I build DerMixD:

.../dermixd$ make SNDFILE=yes VORBISFILE=yes gnu-alsa

Last updated on April 27th, 2009


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