PKSampler 0.3 Beta

PKSampler project is a live-dj tool.
PKSampler project is a live-dj tool. It is different from other "live DJ tools" in that it focuses on allowing the user to mix lots of samples at once. The focus is on a simple touchscreen interface that allows quick access to user supplied loops and samples.


The focus is on layering loop-based music using pre-defined samples and sequences with minimal effort. That means starting/stopping loops on the beat and controlling them with low-latency. A real-time timeline will be used - so all music time is relative like a typical pattern-mode, not song-mode.


Main focus: high-performance python music engine.
realiable real-time performance
low-latency for in-out events
python (or easily wrappable) interface
good media support (wav/ogg/mp3/...)
tempo setting
basic sample-sequencing
reasonably fast peak level values


I've decided I only want to focus my effort on the python side of this project. So, I scrapped pkaudio (shame, shame), and am looking for a replacement. It's hard-going, but I just know something's out there. I have a romantic relationship with the idea of finding a good low-level python audio library, and writing the real-time music in python, but I think that's a far-off dream, and I'd rather just use someone else's code.

4.0 needs python interface
pySonic builds fine on IA32
3.74 no amd64 support
pySonic is hard to build on ppc

last updated on:
February 15th, 2006, 20:57 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Patrick Stinson
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