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Open Beat Box (OBB) is an open-source beat box ( a virtual drum machine ).




Open Beat Box (OBB) is an open-source beat box ( a virtual drum machine ).

We are still in an early stage of development but we aim full drum machine functionalities.

Here are some key features of "Open Beat Box":

Highly customizable graphical interface, including bitmap skins and variable shape widgets.
Floating tools : realy interesting with multi-screen.
Skin aware help system that update the images acording to the skin you curently use.
Plug-in architecture for sound effects.
Portability : Windows, Mac, Unix
Cross-platform file compatiblitily.
Real-time preview and offline rendering for realy complex effect that can't be added real-time on your machine
Distributed rendering over multiple computers.
Customizable sound sample packages.
Customizable keyboard shortcuts.
Matel Power glove input driver.

What's New in This Release:

Code major restructuration
More performance
Added XML Skins
Gui enhancements (drop shadow on labels, centered spinbox label, mousescroll on slidebars)
Last updated on August 18th, 2005
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