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Oggasm is a program that makes converting your mp3 collection into oggs a all but painless process.




Oggasm is a program that makes converting your mp3 collection into oggs a all but painless process.

Using oggenc and mpg321, with perl glueing it all together, oggasm is able to go through an entire collection, identify id3 tags and then convert those mp3s into oggs while keeping the id3 tags intact.


server-client model: When oggasm is started I want it to creat a list of jobs that need to be done and then assign those jobs to various clients that could either be running on the same machine or on other machines connected via a network.

I'm of two minds on how to do this. Either I learn how to use sockets and develop my own communication protocol to tell the clients what to do, or I create physical files that are grabed by the client via ftp or samba. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages and I hope to look into it more soon.

One thing that is very important is that a client machines need to be able to come and go as necessary. So oggasm might start with 2 clients, be at 5 later in the day, and then down to 1 when it all finishes.

network functionality: How this will look will rest largly on how the server-client model ends up looking. But most likely the it will involve using ftp or samba to grab files from the server machine, convert them, and then send them back to the server. After that the
client will be assigned a new job.

improvments to user interface: This will be a on going process. As I continue to get more feedback on how people felt their experience with oggasm was I can improve how it the interface looks. Recent changes with 1.3 will allow updates to the interface to be much smother than before.

more encoder/decoder options: certainly oggenc will remain the primary encoder, however other free codecs might come along someday, and it would be nice if oggasm was modular enough to beable to plug in different encoders. I would also like to support different decoders as not everyone has mpg321 (however I will NOT provide support of non-free decoders).
Last updated on September 20th, 2005

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