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Oddcast is an Icecast and Shoutcast streamer.




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Oddcast is an Icecast and Shoutcast streamer.

This version of oddcastv3 allows you to hook into any jack output port and broadcast the audio to an icecast or shoutcast server.

This version of oddcastv3 is all command-line oriented, and comes with example config files for each of the encoding types supported (Ogg Vorbis, LAME, AAC). You will most likely need to take one of the example configs (in the conf dir) and modify it to suit your needs.

Here is an example of how to use it with jack.

Step 1:
* startup jackd

Step 2:
* Feed a signal into jackd. There are many applications you can use
for this, if you like XMMS, try installing http://xmms-jack.sourceforge.net/

Step 3:
* Start oddcastv3 specifying the appropriate output ports. To get a list of
the output ports, use jack_lsp. If you use XMMS, you'll see something like :

% jack_lsp

In this case, the bio2jack_0_32083:out_0 and bio2jack_0_32083:out_1 are the output ports from XMMS. So you'd start oddcastv3 like :

oddcastv3 -c oddcast_OggVorbis.cfg bio2jack_0_32083:out_0 bio2jack_0_32083:out_1

Use oddcastv3 -h for a usage.

What's New in This Release:

Added support for oggFLAC streaming. A note about this, currently as the release of this plugin, there are very very few clients that actually support oggFLAC streaming.
Installing those filters will allow you to play oggFLAC streams from within Windows Media Player. Currently Winamp and Foobar2k do NOT work.
Hopefully this will change in the future. Also, streaming oggFLAC is really only good for LAN streaming as it is lossless and very high bitrate. There is currently no way to "configure" any oggFLAC options. Also, you need to use the latest Icecast (2.3.0) in order to support oggFLAC streaming.
Last updated on February 1st, 2006

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