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Napster-dl is an application that allows downloading of napster songs from





Napster-dl is an software that allows downloading of napster songs from

Napster-dl was created with one idea in mind, the idea that if it streams over the internet you should be able to download it. We took and created a simple java application to download the music. Keep in mind this software is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. You should never distribute mp3 files for songs you do not own. Also keep in mind that napster-dl downloads only songs that are available to freely listen to the mp3s are also encoded in 32k so it's not much anyway's it's more worth your time to go and buy the CD.

I have had serious thoughts about how I would release it. The thought never crossed my mind to not release it open source. The thought of liability and such. So here is my conclusion:

1. applications like nmap (however useful can be used for illegal activities if you choose).
2. youtube-dl downloads applications from the popular to let you do what you like with it
3. I saw a site on the internet recently that taught people how to download the swf files and extract the mp3 files

These 3 reasons give me enough reason to release this to the community.

It is not like I don't expect napster to change something up and have my application not work, I fully expect this, and I may never change the application again. What the application does show is how to use Napster's XML output to show track identification.

There is more then just me as the author however I will not give their names because they didn't request. They are responsible for the artwork, and thank you for that.

Napster-dl has 2 options:

--cli this opens napster-dl in command prompt only This should be fairly easy to use

No options causes the gui I will admit that this is the most fun option (however buggy option)

The application is supported in both windows and Linux. Hopefully it will be supported in more Operating Systems but right now swftools is my draw back.
Last updated on November 30th, 2009

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