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MidiComp is a program to manipulate SMF (Standard MIDI File) files.
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MidiComp is a program to manipulate SMF (Standard MIDI File) files. MidiComp will both read and write SMF files in 0 or format 1 and also read and write it's own plain text format.

This means a SMF file can be turned into easily parseble text, edited with any text editor or filtered through any script language, and "recompiled" back into a binary SMF file.

Originally based on mf2t/t2fm by Piet van Oostrum and others. It should build on any linux simply by typing "make" in the source directory.

Command line argument usage:

-d --debug send any debug output to stderr
-v --verbose output in columns with notes on
-c --compile compile ascii input into SMF
-n --note note on/off value as note|octave
-t --time use absolute time instead of ticks
-fN --fold=N fold sysex data at N columns

To translate a SMF file to plain ascii format:

midicomp some.mid # to view as plain text
midicomp some.mid > some.asc # to create a text version

To translate a plain ascii formatted file to SMF:

midicomp -c some.asc some.mid # input and output filenames
midicomp -c some.mid < some.asc # input from stdin with one arg

midicomp some.mid | somefilter | midicomp -c some2.mid

last updated on:
March 23rd, 2006, 18:46 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
MidiComp Team
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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