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Manauton is a program used to digitally record sound.




Manauton is a program used to digitally record sound. Manauton can operate in a manual or autonomous mode, hence the name Manauton.

When in manual mode, recording can be paused and unpaused with a key-press or remote control. This is similar to a tape recorder, but with a difference, there is no latency! As a matter of fact, Manauton works with negative latency. This negative latency cancels out the effect of the human latency associated with hearing a sound interpreting it and reacting to the sound. Negative latency is accomplished by buffering the sound in memory prior to recording to disk.

When operating in autonomous mode, Manauton starts and stops the recording automatically based on the sound and time of day. The sound based trigger can be something as simple as a sound level or something as complex as an FFT (your mileage may vary with processor power).

Manauton is designed to be modular. Modules will allow for a variety of interfaces such as the embedded LCD displays along with more widely available interfaces such as curses and GUI interfaces.

What's New in This Release:

Feedback mode curses now available.
Feedback mode stdio now available.
Auto-trigger mode hitcount now available.
development code arbf-test.c
Last updated on December 17th, 2007

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