MStServer 0.5

Music Streaming Server

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What's new in MStServer 0.5:

  • We have released RC1 from the latest code. Check out the release and the file "change log.txt" for information on the new features and fixes.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Carlos Ravelo
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
MStServer (Music Streaming Server) is a web-based interface to your music collection. If you have a Music folder in your home computer and you want to be able to access and play that music from work for example, MStServer is for you.

Developer comments

MStServer stands for Music Streaming Server, which is not a very good name, I must say, so I am looking for a better name, suggestions are welcome. The interface is written in html and JavaScript and I use AJAX to communicate with a PHP back end. I use SQLite for the database but it also has a feature to browse the music folder as it is on your harddrive.

The system is multi-user, each user gets a key when they login that is active for a certain amount of time (set by the administrator, default 24 hours), that key is used to identify this user is all sections of the interface and with the streamer. Each user can set settings (none right now), and save playlists.

Last updated on October 29th, 2008

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