LilyComp 1.0.2

LilyComp is an application that provides a graphical means of entering musical notes that can be used with LilyPond.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 15
Blake Garretson
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LilyComp is an application that provides a graphical means of entering musical notes suitable for use with the LilyPond music typesetting program. LilyComp is a graphical note entry program for use with the LilyPond music typesetting program. This program was written to speed up the creation of lead sheets. It just enters notes and rests with the indicated duration. Do not expect to enter anything too fancy, although a couple of other common items like ties, slurs, and measure bars are supported as well. LilyComp is not like Rosegarden or NoteEdit. Think of LilyComp as the number pad on your keyboard; it is just for quick data entry.

The target user of LilyComp would be someone who knows a little music notation, but is not an expert. The idea with LilyComp is that you do not need to know hardly anything. You just look at the sheet music, find the corresponding note on the LilyComp window, and push the button. You can extract a melody from a complicated score in a few minutes using this technique.

The notes may be excessively notated (lots of commas or apostrophes) because they are all absolute (relative is not used.) Likewise, the duration is always included even if the previous duration is the same. You don't have to worry about changing the duration or octave of a note accidentally.

LilyComp is written in pure Python. If you care to do so, it is very trivial to add clefs or ledger lines if you need more. The English notation (C# = cs) is used; if you do not use that notation you can change a pair of variables near the top of the script to redefine the default behaviour.

Also, in case you are wondering, the name LilyComp is the combination of LilyPond and Composer.


Python 2.x (with Tkinter) installed. Tkinter is usually included in Unix/Linux distros.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed RadioButton widget for Linux and Unix
Included lilycomp.html in place of README file.

Last updated on April 16th, 2008

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