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LibSound77 is a library for producing sound data in FORTRAN77 programs compiled with g77.

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T. Boudet
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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LibSound77 is a library for producing sound data in FORTRAN77 programs compiled with g77.

It provides a small and dirty, but usable, interface for outputting sound to speakers or .wav files. It has only been tested on computers of the i386 architecture.

Playing sound:

Stereo output are currently not supported, but work on it is in progress... See the file beep77.f for example code.
call ao77ini()
Initialise library, must be called before ploping.
call ao77set(samplerate, nbrchannels)
set up parameters: samplerate is an integer like 44100, nbrchannels is an integer and must be 1.
call ao77out(sample)
Put a sound sample, who is an integer*2, on the way to the speakers. Do it as quickly as possible...
call ao77end()
Stop the sound-system, release ressources. Must be called after use

Writing and reading .WAV

Stereophonics files are now supported, still experimental. See the file sinus.f for writing example code. See the file play77.f for reading example code.
fn = sndfopen('plop.wav', MODE, rate, channels)
Open a file for reading, if mode is 'I' or writing if mode is 'O'. You can have up to 42 files simultaneously open. When you are a writer, you must set channels to 1 or 2.
call sndfput(fn, sample)
Add a sample to the file. Samples are integer*2 values.
call sndfput2(fn, left, right)
Add two samples to the stereo file. Samples are integer*2 values.
err = sndfget(fn, sample)
Get a sample from a file opened for read. When success, return value is 1, when at end of file, return value is 0. Negatives are errors.
call sndfclose(fn)
Flush all datas and close the file.

What's New in This Release:

Stereo input/output functions were added.

Last updated on July 17th, 2007

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