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LAME is an MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer.





LAME is short from LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder and is a research project for learning about and improving MP3 encoding technology. LAME includes an MP3 encoding library, simple frontend application, a much-improved psycho-acoustic model (GPSYCHO), and a graphical frame analyzer (MP3x).

Please note that any commercial use (including distributing the LAME encoding engine in a free encoder) may require a patent license from Thomson Multimedia.

Software which uses "LAME":

� andromeda (PHP and ASP) Dynamically presents collections of mp3s as streaming web sites.
� rip (Perl) Script for ripping and encoding.
� avifile AVI/DIVX encoder and decoder for Linux.
� Grip (Linux) gtk-based cd-player, ripper and encoder. Supports cddb, cdparanoia and LAME.
� jbm2 (Linux) A KDE jukebox style application for public places (bars, pubs,...)
� Krabber (Linux) A KDE ripper & encoder, can use LAME.
� Mp3Maker (Linux) A WindowMaker enhanced front end to cdda2wav/cdparanoia and lame/bladeenc.
� dekagenc (Linux) Bourne shell script for ripping, encoding and CDDB naming.
� ripperX (Linux) GTK frontend for rippers and several encoders featuring CDDB support.
� T.E.A.R. (Linux) frontend to LAME, cdparanoia and CDDB.
� Xmcd. (Linux) CD Player with CDDB and ripping to MP3 and OGG.
� xtunes (Linux) GTK frontend for LAME, MAD, cdparanoia, cdrecord and more.
� DropMP3 (Mac) includes LAME binaries.
� CDex (Windows) Ripper & encoder, includes LAME binaries (the Blade compatible dll)
� Lamedrop (Windows) OggDrop style frontend.
� LAMEX (Windows) An activex control for LAME, and a GUI. Source code only, includes LAME.
� m3w (Windows) A live mp3 streamer for the WWW. Works with LAME, icecast, soundcard input
� out_lame (Windows) Winamp output plug-in. Create MP3 files directly from Winamp!
� RazorLame (Windows) The RazorBlade front end now supports LAME.
� winLAME (Windows) The only *nice* windows UI for LAME, according to the author :-)
� DarkIce Live streamer for IceCast.
� LiveIce Real time streaming of mp3s. Works with IceCast
� MuSE A mixing, encoding and streaming engine.
� Flash Forth a Flash-like development library
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