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Klira is an audio converter for KDE.
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This app is an audio converter for KDE. It lets you convert to and from various audio file formats (at the moment: mp3, Ogg and wav), mantaining, when possible, all the informations attached to those files (title, author and so on).

Its interface is thought as a wizard (a serie of pages navigable through back-forward buttons), so it should be quite simple to use, or so I hope.

To convert the audio files klira uses the GStreamer (0.8) library, while to read-write metadata it uses Taglib (>= 1.2) library.


Klira usage should be quite straightforward: it is subdivided into 4 panels. In order:

A welcome screen.
A panel where you can choose the files you want to convert, the output directory where to put the converted files, and the target format options.
A panel showing the conversion advance.
A final page showing eventual errors or warnings happened during the conversion.


Klira relies on GStreamer and Taglib (and quite obviously on KDE 3.3/QT 3.3.3 even if it should compile on KDE 3.0 and following), so if you want to compile it you have to install them first. Do not worry, though, they should be already installed in any fairly modern GNU/Linux system (just see you have installed their devel packages also). You can check if they are installed simply with:

* For Taglib
pkg-config gstreamer-0.8 --version
It should print a number >= 0.15.0
* For Taglib
taglib-config --version
it should print a number >= 1.2

Make also sure that you hava installed GStreamer plugins and created a registry (launch gst-register).

After being assured of libraries dependencies, you can compile and install klira with the usual:
./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`
make install

last updated on:
June 14th, 2005, 22:48 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Klira Team
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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