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KTabEdit is a KDE tabulature editor.




KTabEdit is a KDE tabulature editor.

KTabEdit is basically a guitar tabulature editor for K Desktop Environment. It's much more than just a tab editor.

Here are some key features of "KTabEdit":

Free GPLed program;
K Desktop Environment GUI;
Powerful and convenient tabulature editing, including many effects and classical note score editing for classic instrument players;
Full and very customizable MIDI to tabulature import and export;
Support of extra data formats, such as ASCII tabulatures or popular programs' format, such as Guitar Pro's or TablEdit;
Chord fingering construction tools - chord finder & chord analyzer;
Highly customizable to suit a lot of possible instruments (not only 6-stringed guitars, and even not only guitars), including drum tracks, lyrics and other MIDI events.

Well, right now KTabEdit is in very alpha state and doesn't support everything stated. However, it already features a nice tabulature editor, though not ultimately powerful, loading/saving its own format (kg files) and all the chord construction tools.

What's New in This Release:

Correct the supports of the click on the screen
Add a new class TrackClassicalDuration draw the duration for the classical notation
Correct the visual drawing
Go to the bar and time when you click on the screen
New icons and web site thanks to Ollivier Lapeyre Johann
Last updated on October 10th, 2006

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