KSLIMP3 is a SLIMP3 emulator for KDE.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.6/5 19
Werner Lane
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
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KSLIMP3 is a SLIMP3 emulator for KDE. It is an emulator of the SLIMP3 Networked Music Player from Slim Devices.

KSliMP3 plays music served by Slim Device's SlimServer. SlimServer is a wonderful open source product that is being constantly improved on.

NOTE: KSLIMP3 relies on SlimServer. Without having a SlimServer running in your network it is not useful at all.

SLIMP3 is a registered trademark of Slim Devices, Inc. and is used with permission.


Make sure you have a SlimServer running in your network. Start KSLIMP3 and it should detect your server and be ready to play music.

You can control KSLIMP3 either via SlimServer using your web-browser (refer to the SlimServer documentation) or use the keyboard to control KSLIMP3 locally.

The following list gives an overview of the keyboard keys used and how they correspond to the remote control buttons of a SLIMP3 remote control:

Keyboard key SLIMP3 remote control button
-------------- ----------------------------
up (arrow key) up
down down
left left
right right
p Play
u Pause
+ Fwd (forward, next song)
- Rew (rewind, previous song)
a Add
h Shuffle
r Repeat
n Now playing
? Search
PageUp Volume up
PageDown Volume down

There are many more shortcuts available, please refer to "Configure Shortcuts" in the "Settings" menu. You are also able to reconfigure the shortcuts in this dialog according to your liking.

Right-clicking on the VFD display brings up a context menu that allows you to show/hide the menu bar and access configuration dialogs.

The look of the simulated VFD display can be customized in the "Configure KSLIMP3" menu.


· libmad
· libao

Note that KSLIMP3 has currently only been tested on an i386 platform. There may be "endian-ness" problems on other platforms. Please let me know if you have managed to get KSLIMP3 working on a non-i386 platform and how (patches will be highly appreciated).

Last updated on April 27th, 2008

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