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KMid is a midi/karaoke player with many features.




KMid is a X11 / KDE based midi player for Linux and FreeBSD.

KMid displays the text of karaoke files and change its colour as it is being played so that the tune can be easily followed !

It uses /dev/sequencer as output device supporting external synths, AWE , GUS and now also FM cards (such as sb16 or sbpro).

Here are some key features of "KMid":

KMid has a nice interface to display karaoke lyrics.
A channel view to see what notes is each instrument playing.
Supports external midi synths, AWE cards, FM output, and GUS (for the later, needs the Linux Ultrasound Project driver and gusd installed).
Powerful Midi Mapper that will make people with no general midi synths happier than ever :-).
Collections with unlimited number of songs !
Drag & drop so you can drop in KMid any midi file from a kfm window.
Customizable fonts for karaoke text to be displayed.
Supports the two standards to introduce lyrics in midi files, that is, lyrics or text events (and guess which one a song uses automatically)
Session Management. If a song is playing while you logout from KDE, the next time you login, the same song will start playing !
Can play some broken midi files which make other players core dump !
Can open gzipped files just as any other midi file.
A Volume bar to change the volume of the song.
Consumes approximately 0.1% of my CPU (depends on the complexity of the song)
Runs on Linux and FreeBSD (perhaps also other unices ...)

What's New in This Release:

KMid current version has support for midi mappers, karaoke, playlists, and much more.
Last updated on May 10th, 2005

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