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KGuitar aims to develop a free, full-featured guitarist helper program.




KGuitar is a tool which aims to develop a free, full-featured guitarist helper program, focusing on tabulature editing and MIDI synthesizers support.


· A POSIX-compliant system
· Qt libraries v3.x
· KDE libraries v3.x
· TSE3 libraries v0.2.3 or higher recommended for MIDI support
· C++ compiler like gcc (3.2.x recommended)
· GNU make tools
· autoconf 2.5.x/automake 1.7.x (required only to build module from CVS)
· Corresponding libraries development packages or sources

What's New in This Release:

· A mostly major bug-fix release since the last time.
· Compatiblity fixes: added support for autoconf 2.61, automake 1.10, gcc 4.2. Removed last bits of qt2->qt3 transition deprecations. Internal structures refactoring.
· Added zoom level (Ctrl Minus, Ctrl Plus), introducing multiple bars per row, automatically tuning to available window width;
· Finally introduced new exception-based framework for converters load/save. Makes converters much more bullet-proof and easier to write and debug.
· Guitar Pro import undergone major rewrite. Now it properly loads all gp4 files I have. Guitar Pro v3 and v5 formats are coming next. Anyway, Guitar Pro loader is now much more helpful about what errors it gets and less crash-prone. It detects and helps debug problems it encounters.
· Lots of displaying, mouse and keyboard control, printing fixes and prettifying. Track pane now has a header and it's synchronized with track list. Melody editor now has trapezoid and shark fin inlays.
· New QMap-based API for song metainformation - stores not a fixed number of fields, but key=value pairs.
· Misc things: project transitioned to Subversion.
Last updated on January 17th, 2008

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