Jooky 0.99h

Jooky is an mp3 controller.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Thomas Glascock
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
Jooky is an mp3 controller. I wrote it so that I can do any of:

Run it in the foreground in a curses screen.
Run it in the background and control it using itself as a client via tcp/ip from another host or the same host.
Run it from /etc/inittab and control it as above.
It also can play in random order (scramble).
The reason for the client/server is that I can now control it with LIRC. (Linux infrared control)

To run the command line based server, simply run jooky with no options in a terminal. You'll get an ncurses based screen interface to play with. The legend at the bottom will show you how to use it. It takes all of a minute to learn how to use it. If you know vi, then it's even simpler. Any files that can't be played because there is no player for them, will be dimmer
than the others. Up and Down arrows are the same as j and k. Right and Left arrows adjust volume. Pgup and Pgdn take you up and down half a screen, as do capital J and capital K.

NEW! as of 0.96. "m" changes the Mixer knob, and right and left arrow adjust the current knob. Give it a try. aumix and read/write permission to /dev/mixer are required.


Linux (duh) on 66 MHz Pentium (absolute minimum) (depends more on how good your player is)
at least one of the following in your path
mpg123 (preferred)
ogg123 (preferred)
aumix in your path
sound card (duh)
/dev/dsp cannot be taken by any other programs or daemons, as jooky checks to see if it is open before starting the player. You also have to have permission to it.
the "more" command in your path
libvorbis and libvorbisfile libraries and header files (only needed for ogg files)
libid3tag and id3tag.h files (from the "mad" project

What's New in This Release:

Added support for JOOKY environment variable, that shall contain the startup directory for jooky to chdir to when starting up.

Last updated on July 20th, 2006

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