ID3v2 Chapter Tool 1.4.4

ID3v2 Chapter Tool is an authoring tool which allows you to signal the start and end times of particular sequences.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
Chris Newell
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
ID3v2ChapterTool is an application which allows you to author and embed chapter information in your MP3 files. ID3v2 Chapter Tool project is part of the BBC open source initiative and is maintained as a Sourceforge project.

The application uses a new signalling specification that has been developed by which is supported by APIs created in this project. These build on the Java ID3 API developed by Jens Vonderheide.

Chapters in this context could be any of the following:

- chapters within an audiobook
- articles within a podcast
- individual tracks within a multi-track audio file

At the most basic level this chapter information consists of the start time of each chapter you define, allowing listeners to skip easily to these points in the file during replay. However, chapters can also have descriptive information (e.g. title), images and URLs.

The information attached to each chapter can be used by media players to provide a dynamic display during replay. For example, the images attached to each chapter can be used to provide a slide show.

The ID3v2ChapterTool also allows you to create a Table of Contents (TOC).

At the most advanced level it is possible to define multiple TOCs for a single audio file. For example, one TOC could provide access to the entire audio file whilst a second TOC could provide access to a set of highlights.

Once chapter information is widely supported by media players it will enable some exciting new multimedia applications such Audio Encyclopaedias.


Java 1.4
JMF 2.1

What's New in This Release:

Added new ChapterPlayer application.

Last updated on April 18th, 2006

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