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ID3 mass tagger is a portable command-line mass tagger for audio files.




ID3 mass tagger is a portable command-line mass tagger for audio files.

ID3 mass tagger is designed for non-interactively adding, updating or removing meta-information in a number of files with a single command.

It can generate tag fields from the filename and rename files using an intuitive syntax. It currently supports ID3 (1.1) and ID3v2 (2.0, 3.0) tags.


Here are some examples of using id3:
id3 -a "Stallman" -t "Free Software Song" fs_song.mp3"

Add a simple tag to a file.
id3 -d *.mp3

Removes all ID3v1 tags from all mp3's
id3 -g "psych rock" *.mp3

Sets genre to "Psychedelic Rock" all mp3's
id3 -2 -1 -u "*.mp3"

Copy ID3v2 tag to ID3v1 tag in all files.
id3 -a "TAFKAT" -n "%1" -t "%+2" "*. *.mp3"

Update tag fields similar to this;
id3 -a "TAFKAT" -n "01" -t "My Song" "01. my_song.mp3"
id3 -a "TAFKAT" -n "02" -t "Untitled" "02. untitled.mp3"

id3 -2 -f "%a - %t.mp3" blaet.mp3

Rename file to a standard "Artist - Title" format, using ID3v2 values.
id3 -g "alt rock" -a "The Author" -l %1 -n %2 -t %3 "Author - */(*) *.mp3"

Process multiple directories at once.
id3 -g "alt rock" -a "The Author" -m "Author - %l/(%n) %t.mp3"

Shorthand for the previous example.
id3 -a %t -t %a "*.mp3"

Swap artist and title fields in all mp3's.
id3 -D source.mp3 -1 -2 dest.mp3

Copy ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags of source.mp3 to dest.mp3
id3 -D source.mp3 -1u -2u dest.mp3

As above, but only replaces the non-standard or blank fields in dest.mp3 by data from source.mp3.
id3 -2 -rAPIC -s 0 *.mp3

Removes embedded images and padding from all mp3's.
id3 -2 -rAPIC -s 0 -R "*.mp3" "/my documents"

As above, but works recursively on all mp3's in the directory tree starting at /my documents
id3 -2 -q "%| %a - %|Untitled|t || %t || %1 |?" "*.mp3"

Generate a playlist, using the best possible text
id3 -2 -c "Was: %_f" -f "%a - %|Untitled (%#x)|t.mp3" "*.mp3"

Advanced rename. Saves previous filename in the comment field, and renames files without proper tags to;
Unknown - Untitled (01).mp3
Unknown - Untitled (02).mp3
... etc

What's New in This Release:

· This release adds support for Lyrics3 tags.
Last updated on March 22nd, 2006

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