Guayadeque Music Player 0.3.7

A sophisticated music player and music management application for your Linux operating system

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What's new in Guayadeque Music Player 0.2.3:

  • Added Random as a ordering method for dynamic playlists
  • Added a filter for the random or smart play mode so you can select a playlist for the Allow filter and another playlist for the deny filter. This way you can for example fix the genre or a label for the Smart added tracks from
  • Fix bug when searching text with a ' in it
  • Fix 'Copy to...' when filenames contains reserved chars
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Juan Rios
4.9/5 14
ROOT \ Multimedia \ Audio
16 Guayadeque Music Player Screenshots:
Guayadeque Music Player - The main windows, where users can organize their entire music collection and play tracksGuayadeque Music Player - The General tab of the Preferences dialog, where users can change many options, including the languageGuayadeque Music Player - The Collections tab of the Preferences dialog, where users can add paths to their music filesGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music PlayerGuayadeque Music Player
Guayadeque Music Player is an open source music management application designed for all music enthusiasts. It aims to be intuitive and fast even for huge music collections. It features a configurable crossfader engine, SoundMenu integration, cue sheet support, configurable silence detector, static or dynamic playlists, a metadata editor, labels, and smart play mode.

Supports and

Another interesting feature is the ability to download covers either automatically or manually. Moreover, the and services can be used in a dedicated tab for suggesting music. The application is designed in such a way that it will provide users with fast access to their favorite tracks, albums and artists. You can play and record shoutcast radios, and connect your mobile devices (iPod, Android, etc.).

You can search for tracks or artists in shoutcast radios

Searching for a track or artist in shoutcast radios is also possible with the Guayadeque Music Player app, which allows users to rate their favorite tracks or albums. Lyrics can be downloaded automatically or manually, in a dedicated tab.

Under the hood and supported audio files

Additionally, the program is easily expandable through contextual commands, resumes play status and position, and provides many other options that advanced users will find them useful. On more technical terms, Guayadeque Music Player uses the Gstreamer media framework to support the MP3, FLAC, OGG, MP4, WMA, WAV, APE, MPC, and many more other audio file formats.

Supports operating systems and desktop environments

Support for the GNOME desktop environment is integrated into the application, but you can run it on any other open source window manager, such as Openbox, Fluxbox, MATE, Cinnamon or Xfce. Major Linux distribution included the Guayadeque Music Player (guayadeque) package into their default software repositories, so it will be a breeze to install it in your favorite distro.

A good alternative for Rhythmbox, Clementine or Amarok

It is a good alternative to the Rhythmbox, Clementine or Amarok applications. It is also quite similar to the iTunes software, which will help Windows and Mac OS X users to use Guayadeque without hassle on Linux environments.

Guayadeque Music Player was reviewed by , last updated on September 5th, 2014


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