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Several multimedia applications including a player and a transcoder.






Gmerlin is a multimedia architecture for linux. Gmerlin application consists of a set of multimedia libraries and some applications. The libraries are:

- Gavl, a library which provides basic support for uncompressed Audio, Video and Image data.
- The toolkit independent gmerlin library, which contains core application support like an xml based configuration registry, a universal player core, message queues for communication between modules and so on. Most interesting for 3rd party developers might be the plugin API. It offers access to all gmerlin plugins whith a few function calls.
- A separate gtk2 support library for generating configuration dialogs and other stuff.
- gmerlin_avdecoder, which decodes lots of media formats. The core library depends only on gavl, you don't even need gmerlin installed.

Applications, which come with gmerlin, include:

- Gmerlin player: A multiformat media player with mediatree. Type gmerlin to start this.
- Gmerlin transcoder: Feature rich Audio/Video transcoder
- Gmerlin alsamixer: An Alsa mixer with support for multiple cards and detachable mixer controls.
- Camelot: A webcam application
- Gmerlin visualizer: Run xmms visualization plugins without running xmms
- Plugin configurator: Configure gmerlin plugins for programs which can't do this themselves.

Gmerlin is released under the GPL license, so it can freely be reused by other GPL applications.
Last updated on June 10th, 2012
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